Visits and Excursions

Empirical knowledge is superior to bookish knowledge. Pratibhasthali organizes various academic tours for the students for learning through experience, through direct observation in open environments, and to gain practical knowledge.
Every year students of Class 9th are taken on long educational visits for 10 to 15 days to various states of Bharat.
Students are also taken for various small field trips as per class, such as Factories, Printing-press, Bhedaghat, Mines, Museums, Science laboratories, Assembly, Steel Plant, National Park, Akashwani Centre, etc.
Educational visits bridges the bookish knowledge gained in classes through subjects of history, science, geography, physical education, biology etc.
Classroom learnings when combined with practical observation leads to the completion of inter-connection between imagination and reality leading to better perspective of students.
They also learn growth of the nation, widened vision and perspective, rich knowledge base leading towards nation building.