“Learning from practice is the epitome knowledge source and academic curriculum should enclose such learning” -Acharya Shree Vidyasagar ji Maharaj

Through the coordination and balance of the knowledgeable, emotional, functional parties the curriculum becomes life-changing, an educational policy and curriculum devised on the basis of these enables the highest personality development of the student. Which enables the students to make the right decisions at the right time in future. In this way, a special education plan has been built keeping in mind the main parts of education- intellectual, ethical, characteristic, physical, philosophical, social, sensory development etc.

When a student understands the subject, he does not have to worry about it, and with that he continues to progress towards experiential education, expanding his experience and staying worry free. For this purpose, the medium of teaching at Pratibhastali has been kept Hindi.

While studying national language Hindi and Hindi medium connects them to Bhartiya traditions, Sanskrit language awakens pride in their mind about the Bhartiya culture and civilization. To avoid circumstances of difficulty while appearing for competitive examinations and other national-level examinations, mathematics, science, geography subjects are taught in both Hindi and English. Spoken English classes, auditory classes, group dicussion and debates are organized every day to master English language speech. Thus, the students here study Sanskrit, Hindi and English in all three languages.

Along with intellectual knowledge, some life-sustaining activities are also taught to increase the earning capacity for living, so that they become financially self-sufficient. In the evening, spirituality, ethics and dedication are entered through the school.

Let us all walk hand-in-hand with culture towards education ...