Guru Charan Vandana

“गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु गुरुर्देवो महेश्वर
गुरुसाक्षात् परब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नम:”

गुरु समान दाता नहीं, याचक शिष्य समान
तीन लोक की संपदा, सो गुरु दीन्हों दान।
गुरु ही ईश्वर हैं। गुरु के समान कोई दाता नहीं।
A Guru is not like an ordinary generous teacher likewise a student is not just a learner alone,
The learnings of the world and universe is generously given by a Guru to his disciples, he is God, the carrier and the destination.
In order to worship their the Guru, students desperately wait for Guru Purnima like a CHATAK bird watching over.
Every year on this special day, the students of Pratibhasthali get an extraordinary opportunity to meet and worship Parampujya Acharya Guruvar Shri 108 Vidyasagarji Maharaj.
For the whole day, these students learn from watching Gurujis daily routine, they get the precious blessings from the Guruji himself. Through his blessings, human kind blossoms with his kind words, purity of soul and the aura of his divine energy radiates inside out.
Through the blessings of Guruji, the students learn to lead a life of a learner, morally disciplined and a honest citizen of the society.
May the blessings of Guruji resonate with you always ...