When the perception of the heart comes from the depths of the art, then the artist's formation takes the form of an embodiment. In every child's mind there are some free expressions, they want to express those expressions through art.
Art is the only way in which the human mind has the unique ability to raise sensations, to mold tendencies, to divert rumination and to give direction to aptitude, feelings and emotions.
Pratibhasthali offers the opportunity to express the art. As a result of these creative manifestations, the qualities of originality, confidence, creativity etc. are developed in the students.
When the perceptions from the depths of the heart take the form of art, then the artist's enlightenment takes the form of an embodiment. There are some free expressions in every child's mind, which he wants to reveal through art.
Pratbhasthali enhances the interests and hobbies by positive utilization of leisure time of the girls through training in hands on skills like sketching, drawing, traditional art forms like meenakari, sewing, weaving, thread-work, quilling, lamasa, crochet and macrame art, marble art work, tie and dye, mehndi, rangoli, glass painting and many more.