Annual Function

An annual event which leaves its impressions once throughout the year, Pratibhasthali family organises its annual celebration- the name is given “Abhyudaya”.
Abhyudaya is not only entertaining but inspirational also. students get the opportunity to develop self-expressions, organise and showcase their potential and talents with outstanding.
Year 2017, witnessed the unique and prestine opportunity of celebrating the “50th Deeksha Varsh” of the ultimate traveller into the woods of discipline and purity, 108 Acharya Shree Vidyasagar ji maharaj popularly known as “Sanyam Swarnim Mahotsav” worldwide.
This event which is the fruit of hard work and purity of all the students hosted the Chaturmas of Acharya Maharaj with his Sangh by Pratibhasthali.
Students got the goodwill opportunity to participate and recreate the literary work of drama and acting of Acharya Shree based on “Mookmati”. Students performed and inspired through mime, drama, plays on inspirational Dialogue between Krishna and Arjun, Kul Deepak Drama, Bharatnatyam dance performance, Yoga etc.