About Us

The school is such a place which is a symbol of freedom, meaning and activity. It is the center of all round development, social and national progress and upliftment of civilization and culture. In each student, there are infinite possibilities hidden, which are enlightened in the comprehension and guidance of the qualified Guru.

The tradition of Tapovan of Bharat, which flourished in Gurukul, the same merging tradition is being re established in modernized way by Acharya shree 108 Vidyasagar ji Maharaj, the result of which is-


This sacred place is a remarkably unique girls residential education institute in all over the world which is a center of culture, far away from the materiality of the city, with a beautiful panoramic natural environment and with a positive relationship with the student and teachers.

The purpose of education at Pratibhasthali is not for earning money but with a goal of making one’s life better, cultured, successful and happy, also to give it a development-oriented perspective to the students.

All the teachers and didi’s here are well aware about the life and educational goal, they providing their selfless services for the development of the student’s bright future, by keeping in mind the emotional and creative development of girl students.

By making the memories of the ancient Gurukuls alive and by adding a modern touch to it, CBSE accredited this institution is looking forward to rejuvenate the ancient tree of Bhartiya education.

‘‘Here the aim of education is not sustenance but the fabrication of Lifemanship.’’