Our Mission

Humans should become human by the development of intellect and qualities and by the promotion of rites and then should be submerged in Bharat's talent.

The ancient education system was the backbone of the ancient civilization and culture of once known as the strong, developed, splendid, golden bird and world leader Bharat. There were many physical and spiritual subjects, including religion, meaning, science, trade, mathematics, astrology, dance, music, crafts, architecture. This education system was not the mother of problems but was solution of all the problems.

The goal of the “Pratibhasthali” is also to follow the path of our own ancient tradition, to achieve human values, to become a human in perfect sense, to show the way to achieving our eternal form, so that Bharat will be able to recapture its talents, discretion, intellectual skills and become the golden bird by diligence and culture, and once again will become the world leader.