Bhartiyan art makes the life beautiful. When is expressed through music, the artist overwhelms the audience through playing instruments and singing. Bhartiya music has the proven power to treat the diseased. Like “Deepak Raga” can lit the lamps, “Raga Malhar” could induce rain, similarly treatment of many diseases is also possible by music. It is said:
संगीत है शक्ति ईश्वर की,
हर सुर में बसे हैं राम।
रागी तो गाए रागिनी,
रोगी को मिले आराम।।
Music is the strength of the Gods, every note is home to the lord, artist sings the melodies to feel, which makes even the diseased to heal.
Students practice bhartiyan classical and traditional music at Pratibhasthali as per their curriculum.
Here students learns to play instruments like harmonium, keyboard, sitar and many more. When the girls play or sing, the melody arises from their inner consciousness, which pulsates everybody, and fills them with positive energy and heart-felt emotions.