It is said that every person has some special abilities. There is a need of a platform to refine the hidden talents within the students and increasing their morale, and this platform of the Pratibhasthali has been named “Manas Tarang”.
Amidst of the nature at the same place in 2012 with the blessings of Acharya Gurudev Shri Vidyasagar ji Maharaj Panch Kalyanak Festival was celebrated and the a Choubisi was established, and after some time the shape of the living choubisi was taken, i.e. 24 Brahmachari brothers took digambari initiation.
With the blessings of Guru Vidyasagar ji, Pratibhasasthali, the temple of Vidya, founded in 2014 . Various educational activities and programs, annual festivals are organized and conducted throughout the year at Pratibhasthali.