School Building

The school is considered as a holy place just like a temple. The school is the dominant guide of society and the center of light. The establishment of a superior society and the composition of the necessary properties and characteristics in human beings is essential for the structure of a bright future. The order of practice and development of the qualities of physical, mental, intellectual, moral, virtuous, etc. starts from childhood. There is a absolute necessity for informal education along with the formal education.
In today’s age the experience and knowledge go hand in hand. A beautiful, picturesque, peaceful place with natural environment which is located far from the city's materiality can play a big role in gaining knowledge.
One such place is named "Vidya Mandir". Which is the main integral part of the Pratibhasthali, where we give education for construction of life and not mere living. Pratibhasthali Gyanodaya Vidyapeeth is located is midst of nature, where informal education is provided along with the formal education.
The school premises has various rooms like Principal Room, Library, many class rooms, Yoga room, and many laboratories like physics, chemistry, biology, computer, mathematics, social sciences, arts etc. Sports room, Sewing room, dance and music room etc. are also in the premise.
During the school period, students are trained in various arts forms by experienced teachers along with their routine studies.
The main feature of the school is the Teacher-Student relationship. The experienced teachers with degrees like PHD, MSc, MEd, MA, MCom, MBA, MCA and various degrees in Art are proving education in Pratibhasthali.