“Knowledge grows not with reading more but reading multiple times” - Aacharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj
There are two temples to worship goddess Saraswati, one is school and another is library. The library is a place where a variety of knowledge, information, sources, services etc. are collected.


Just as human beings need a proper balanced diet for physical health, knowledge is essential for mental health.
To keep the mind active and dynamic requires pure knowledge and innovative thoughts, this knowledge and pure thoughts take us away from the darkness of ignorance and bring us into the enlightened world.
Books play the role of a best friend to spread the knowledge of students and to curb their curiosity. Books in itself are unconscious, but reading them animates life.
That's why the library has been established at Pratibhasthali, has been named “Saraswati Bhawan”.
Saraswati Bhavan has books related to all subjects including reference text, dictionary, ethical, social, political, geographical and historical, mathematics, science, Sanskrit, literature and CD and DVD of various topics are also available.
For the information on current and contemporary topics, many newspapers and magazines are also available in the library.