The kind of food we eat, the kind of thoughts we get. When a nutritious food is prepared with purity and integrity, it also acts as a medicine to remove body morbidity and also leads to positive thinking by suppressing mental disorders.
For and development of a healthy body and a healthy mind in the students, and to make pure, sattvik and nutritious food available on time, the dining room is established, Acharya Shri 108 Vidyasagar ji Maharaj has named it 'Payaspurna'.
Payaspurna means - Where there is no shortage of money and milk. The food served here gives nutrition to the body and satisfaction to the mind.
All the ladies working here are blessed with Guruji and filled with motherhood. They prepare the food for the girls with love.
Modern equipment with modern technology is also used to support the work. This all work is done under the direction of the bramhachari didis, filled with sacred feelings.
With the accent of pre-meal mantra, and the feelings that everyone in the world gets the same pure, sattvik and nutritious food, everyone gets health benefits etc., these girls take food. The didis' take care of the students appetite with the sweetness and love.