Where the Mother Sarasvati and Power are,
Where the crises are destroyed,
Everywhere Happiness is the place of peace,
Where to find relaxation, comfort and happiness,
Which is full of modesty, unity and enthusiasm,
Where we feel a sense of belongingness like home,
We have such a home every moment,
We live in the Pratibhasthali.
Some people say, daughters have no home, but we believe that there is no house without daughters.
When it comes to the development of children's character, internal security and unparalleled personal and practical abilities, then a place like Pratibhasthali is necessary where unprecedented combination of education and ethics is provided.
Here, students staying away from their family, and trying to make a family among the friends and live in it.
Here all the students stay together in the hostel with modesty, whimsical and unity. They learn how to face adverse situations with positive thoughts, how to utilize every moment of their lives, they also learn to take care of self and belongings.
From morning to evening, they are engaged in many activities to enhance their physical/mental strength, and spiritual understanding.
In place of ideological narrowness, students get educated of "Vasudaiva kutumbakam”, they get together with their teachers. By helping each other, the feeling of mutual cooperation is awakened.
Here at Ramtek “Pratibhasthali Gyanodaya Vidyapeeth” these small kids are being blossomed and flourishing their talents.

Here is the only feeling for the students of the teachers that -
Every action should be consumed,
Your every step will be the glory of Mother Bharati,
Get up with a fellow pen, and write something that,
Your article will be an indelible identity of this age.