Rules & Regulation

Hostel Entry Rules
  • If the student comes after the prescribed date, then the additional charge of ₹ 200 day will be charged.
  • The main gate of the school will be closed at 7 pm. Please provide your support in maintaining the discipline of the school, Involving and threatening to open the door by a particular person or group is inappropriate and not acceptable.
  • It is forbidden to enter the school and hostel premises without permission and without parental identity proofs.
  • absence of identity card, the parents will have to make the instant gate payment of ₹ 100
Hostel Rules & Regulation
  • Parents can take their daughter on birthday day from 7:00AM to 5:00PM.
  • Allowed to talk on the phone from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning on birthday.
  • In case of emergency, parents can contact and get details about the student from 12 to 2 pm on 9561681456.
  • Students can be expelled from the hostel if found in the unconstitutional language, behaviors, indiscipline, misbehavior, defamation of charge, abusive behavior, assault with classmates, attempt to flee from hostel and incite other classmates.
  • Without the permission and knowledge of the Hostel incharge, talking over phone or personal interaction with the outsiders is strictly prohibited.
  • Be aware and informed that keeping an using Mobile, cash, money, gems, violent, beauty products, chocolates, food stuff, electronic equipment and toys, sharp items, controversial literature, comics and any other type of items which are not shown in the list are absolutely prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in immediate expulsion from school and hostel.
Leave Rules
  • In case of sickness, it is mandatory to provide health certificates provided by the competent authority.
  • It is mandatory to take school acceptance for any leaves by written application at least 15 days prior to the actual leave start date.
  • You can send the leave application via e-mail.
  • No leaves will be granted in the middle of the session. Therefore parents are urged to organize their important tasks as per school holidays.
  • For attending the annual examination, the minimum 75% attendance in the full session is compulsory. In the absence of attendance, the student will be denied the annual examination.
  • Please plan a trip only in suggested school holidays.
Medical Rules
  • In case of small pox or other infectious diseases, the student must be taken home and get treated. the students will be admitted to the hostel only after the health certificate of the competent medical practitioner after treatment.
  • Parents and students are requested to provide medication information to the school medical in-charge.
  • Please inform the health care in-charge or hostel in-charge, if the student is allergic to any medicine
Request to Parents and Guardian
  • Do not give any kind of cash or commodity reward to the school and hostel staff.
  • Parents should carefully observe the specified instructions from the hostel from time to time.
  • Parents are requested to take a closer look at the student’s progress booklet from time to time.
  • Parents are requested to address and talk to the teachers and other school staff with politeness and culturally. Do not use unconstitutional or abusive language in conversation with teachers and other employees.